Starts: 1220634000
Ends: 1220648400

A brilliant and timely Great North Run themed film by artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard screening at the Tyneside Cinema.

Starts: 1226087100
Ends: 1226095200

Improv comedy legends, The Suggestibles present hilarious live action-adventure game inspired by all things Bond!

Starts: 1220728500
Ends: 1220734800

Celebrating the work of legendary director Nicolas Roeg through screenings of some of his classic films, an exhibition and a special introduction by the director to his latest film, Puffball.

Starts: 1228498200
Ends: 1228507200

Machinima takes Tyneside Cinema by storm!

Starts: 1224693000
Ends: 1224702000

John Knell came to Tyneside Cinema to deliver a talk on the possibilities and opportunities facing film and media venues in the digital age.

Starts: 1220619600
Ends: 1221152400

The Film Footage Missed By A Viewer Through Blinking While Watching The Feature Film ‘Don't Look Now’. New work by artist, Elizabeth McAlpine

Starts: 1228593600
Ends: 1228600800

Version 0.3 of Datarama: an informal show-and-tell event for those who love all things digital.