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John Knell at Tyneside Cinema

Digital technology is giving venues the potential to support a wide variety of creative work, extending their potential usefulness in the future far beyond their current output. It is possible to imagine that venues may be transformed, offering a home to games players, interactive performances and engaging new audiences who may well be turning from the passive consumers of culture into active participants in its creation.

We were delighted to welcome John Knell, one of the UK's leading thinkers on the changing face of work and organisations and the author of the Arts Council report 'Whose Art is it Anyway?’, to the Tyneside Cinema to consider these possibilities and the opportunities facing film and media venues in the digital age.

John Knell has worked with a wide range of corporate clients; Microsoft, Tesco, Astra Zeneca, Eversheds, Lloyds TSB, Manpower and Siemens. Intelligence Agency's current clients include AWE, Arts and Business, Bristol Old Vic, Creative Scotland, EEDA, The UK Film Council, NESTA, and PwC.

John's recent client work has ranged across high-level public policy work particularly in the arts and creative economy sphere, strategic reviews and strategy development, thought leadership development, top team facilitation, executive advice and support and a wide range of public speaking and event facilitation activities.

The event was free of charge and made possible thanks to the generous support of Northern Film and Media.

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