Starts: 1236342600
Ends: 1236434700

The Tyneside Cinema here showcases a selection of work by Woody Vasulka, renowned video art pioneer.

Starts: 1233311400
Ends: 1233432000

The 9th Berlin-based transmediale festival comes to Tyneside Cinema via digital methods. 

Starts: 1236276000
Ends: 1236384000

Filmmaker and programmer Paul Emery creates a unique outdoor projection using the former Odeon Cinema that looms over Pilgrim Street as canvas, mapping heritage footage from the Tyneside Film Society onto the architectural details of its facade. Free event.

Starts: 1236373200
Ends: 1236380400

Captain Buck Rogers (more commonly known as Dominic Smith) organises regular dub and dubstep nights in the virtual world of Second Life. Here he performs live using the Tyneside Bar as HQ.

Starts: 1236362400
Ends: 1236373200

Artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway comes to the Tyneside Cinema to deliver a public lecture as part of the ‘Clicks or Mortar?’ conference.

Starts: 1236247200
Ends: 1236358800

Artist and designer Chris O’Shea exhibits a bold new interactive experience within the Tyneside Cinema.

Starts: 1236430800
Ends: 1236463200

Streetwise Opera, the award-winning opera company which works with homeless people, commissioned celebrated experimental artist Mira Calix to produce this stunning new work with visual artists Flat-e. 

Starts: 1236367800
Ends: 1236371400

Unwind having toured the Tyneside Cinema and experienced its many installations by joining internationally celebrated electronic/experimental artist Mira Calix (signed to Warp Records and creator of My Secret Heart) for a live DJ set in the Tyneside Bar. Free entry.

Starts: 1236211200
Ends: 1236384000

Will Schrimshaw lets his Little Helper mini-robots loose around the Tyneside Cinema as part of his new installation. 

Starts: 1236276000
Ends: 1236283200

As part of ‘Clicks or Mortar?’, come witness Radúz Cincera’s ‘Kinoautomat’: the film in which you, the audience, decide the narrative’s course through democratic voting. 

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