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Disinformation: Noise/Underground

Previous projects have been created in London and Tokyo, and now it’s Newcastle’s turn, inspired by the cinema's location directly above the Metro system. Banks creates extraordinary experimental music and kinetic art using electromagnetic noise and interference from live mains electricity, lightning and the sun as his raw materials for electronic music and fine art. You can experience these unique recordings inside the often-rumbling Classic cinema, followed on-screen by a Disinformation film programme, including co-productions with the likes of Semiconductor and Strange Attractor.

1. "Fire in the Eye" 3.00 (Images by Disinformation 2007, project produced by Barry Hale and Uzma Choudhry for Threshold Studios)

2. "Kwaidan" 1.00 (Electromagnetic noise recorded and composed by Disinformation 2005, images by Réseau de Résistance du Cinéma Français 1944)

3. "Stargate" 5.47 (Solar radio noise recorded by Disinformation 1996, images compiled by Semiconductor 2007)

4. "National Grid" 3.37 (Electromagnetic noise recorded by Strange Attractor and Disinformation, live at Corsica Studios, London 2004)

5. "Blackout" 6.23 (Music by Disinformation 1996, images by Barry Hale 1997)

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