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Kinoautomat: One Man And His House

A once-in-a-lifetime cinematic event! As the digital age creates new avenues of collaborative filmmaking we are thrilled to present a unique live performance of the world’s first interactive film. What may surprise you is that it was made in 1966!

Created by great Czech filmmaker Radúz Cincera, ‘Kinoautomat’ caused a sensation at the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal. It’s a black comedy in which you make decisions for the central character at key moments in the film using a wireless voting system. Groundbreaking and great fun, ‘Kinoautomat’ has been restored by Cincera’s daughter Alena Cincerova for its latest incarnation and comes to Newcastle as part of a new world tour. Not to be missed!

Dir. Radúz Cincera, Ján Rohác & Vladimir Svitácek. Czechoslovakia, 1966. 1hr 5min.

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