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9 Intervals Omnibus Screening

Saturday 8 December 

4:15 – 5:30pm 

The Roxy 

Omnibus tickets: £3


9 Intervals is a new multi-episode digital film work designed specifically for the cinema auditorium by Dublin-based contemporary artist Aurélien Froment, commissioned and produced by visual arts organisation Pavilion and presented in Newcastle as part of CIRCA Projects ‘Presents..’ programme.

The work takes the seated position of the cinema viewer as its starting point, meditating upon the relationship between design and body, viewer and image. Presented across 9 short episodes, shown preceding a selected feature film each Saturday, the work intervenes in the conventional role played by the cinema spectator to ask ‘are you sitting comfortably?

This special event launches the nationwide tour of the work and offers a chance to see all nine films in one screening, accompanied by an extended introduction.

Tickets can be purchased at www.tynesidecinema.co.uk, or at the Tyneside Cinema Box Office on 0845 217 9909. 



Aurélien Froment was born in 1976 in Angers, France. He lives in Dublin. His work considers specific objects from different perspectives to unpack the way in which meaning is formulated through cultural history and collective memory. Froment works in various media including video, photography and installation.

Recent solo exhibitions have included The Exhibition Formerly Known As Passengers, Wattis Institute (San Francisco) and Froebel Suite, Gasworks (London) in 2009; Une Exposition comme les autres (A Show like Any Other), Credac (Ivry-sur-Seine), and Paysage, marine, scène de genre, Musée départemental de Rochechouart in 2011. Froment is represented by Marcelle Alix (Paris) and Motive Gallery (Amsterdam). In 2011, CIRCA Projects presented Froment’s work ‘Pulmo Marina’ as part of the exhibition ‘MOVEMENTS’ at NGCA.


9 Intervals was commissioned and produced by Pavilion and is presented in Newcastle as part of CIRCA Projects Presents... and is the launch of an international tour of the work.

This event is supported by Arts Council England, Arts Council Ireland, Fluxus, ICO, Institut Français, Leeds City Council and Mint Hotel.