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Head Mount - A Live Performance by Lucy Pawlak

Tuesday 4 September

The Classic


FREE but booking required. Please call the Tyneside Cinema Box Office on 0845 217 9909.

 You are attending an audition for a role in a blockbuster movie. this is where the story starts… Through re-configuring elements of cinema, theatre and computer game design, Lucy Pawlak hosts a unique audience-led event. Taking place in and around the Tyneside Cinema, the audience will have the power to control the words and movements of the main character in the performance via a live stream.



Nazim Kourgli as Pard


Ian McLaughlin as Bud

Paula Penman as Crystal

Christina Berriman-Dawson as Pal



Alex Ross on Keyboards and Violin



 Clemence Thurninger and Marek Kozakiewicz 


Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this unique performance!

For a sneak preview visit:www.th3rdspace.net