Sniff was a playful interactive projection in the window of the empty shop on Tyneside Cinema’s ground floor on Pilgrim Street.

Hong Kong-based artist Alan Kwan's live performance will combine cinema, videogame software and cutting-edge technology as he invites you on a journey through an empty city which is projected onto the big screen, and takes you from your cinema seat into another dimension of reality.

This is an extra special Datarama celebrating the Northern Design Festival with some great designers talking about works and inspiration, as well as anyone else who'd like to show some work. You don't have to book a place to participate, just turn up and plug in!

Please turn ON your mobile phone! Bring your smartphone and take part in Simon Katan’s live musical performance using gaming software and live animations.

We are very happy to announce the third Real-Time Visuals AHRC Research Network FREE workshop and performance evening. Join us on Friday the 11 of October at Tyneside Cinema for an exciting programme of new live visual arts featuring GUY SHERWIN.

Simon Farid is interested in what it is to be a performer and an observer – the cinema projects images and also captures images on CCTV cameras, but do we see ourselves up on the screen?

Datarama is Pixel Palace's regular show and tell event for digital makers and artists. Our event on 4 October will feature our Artists in Residence, Simon Farid, Simon Katan and Alan Kwan. 


Our free Meet the Artists Event is an exciting opportunity for a Q&A with this year’s Artists in Residence, Simon Farid, Simon Katan and Alan Kwan. 



Broadcast Conversations is a series of roundtable discussions coordinated by the Community Media Association, discussing aspects of broadcasting relevant to arts and community media collaboration. On Wednesday 18 September 2013 basic.fm will host the debate:

“online radio as a medium for arts and culture”

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Welcome to the website for Pixel Palace, Tyneside Cinema’s digital art programme, which ran from 2008-2014. Here you can explore our archive of exciting art commissions and exhibitions, as well as the artists we worked with over that time. You can find out more about what is happening with the current Tyneside Cinema Arts Programme at www.tynesidecinema.co.uk/art.