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Real Time Visuals Conference

Image: Tony Hill - 2nd Floor Film (1975) 

Across Friday 24 and Saturday 25 January, Tyneside Cinema, Northumbria University and Culture Lab at Newcastle University hosted the Real Time Visuals (RTV) Conference, a free series of talks and evening performances that were the culmination of a collaborative research network project.

Places are FREE but booking is essential for all talks and evening performances. Book now via Eventbrite

Real Time Visuals (RTV)

Key advancements in real-time graphics and video processing over the past five years have resulted in broad implications for a number of academic, research and commercial communities. They enabled interaction designers, live visualists (VJs), filmmakers, game programmers, and information architects to utilize the power of advanced digital technologies to model, render and effect visual information in real-time. Much of this activity is undocumented, under-theorised and lacking in historical context. The RTV network is an effort to bring live visualists of all stripes together in order to provide a platform for sharing new ideas, technologies and concepts with like-minds and the wider public.

The RTV Conference

The conference was a two day event in which researchers, artists, designers, musicians and computer scientists covered a number of topics related to working with visuals in real time. The programme was broad, and included a wide variety of guests including Lanfranco Aceti, the editor-in-chief of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), The Light Surgeons, and expanded cinema pioneer Tony Hill. The conference also featured the launch of the Live Visuals LEA volume. Collecting papers from a wide range of filmmakers, media artists, musicians, choreographers, designers and computer scientists, this volume is the first serious academic look at the phenomenon of real-time visuals.

Day One

Friday 24 January, 2014
09:30-17:30 Talks at Tyneside Cinema
19:00-23:00 Shows at Culture Lab, Newcastle University

Day Two

Saturday 25 January 2014
09:30-17:00 Talks at Northumbria University
19:00-22:30 Shows at Culture Lab, Newcastle University

More information about the programme for the conference and booking details can be found here.

Places are FREE but booking is essential.

Partners include Northumbria UniversityGoldsmiths University of LondonCulture Lab, Newcastle University and Tyneside Cinema

Funding is provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, through a Research Network grant.

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