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Pixel Palace teamed up with artists and curators The Hang Gang to present a programme of film screenings at Tyneside Cinema and basic.fm broadcasts as part of BALTIC 39's RIFF/T exhibition from Sunday 26 January - Saturday 1 March. 

The films selected expanded on themes emerging from the exhibition, from the recurring motifs of RIFF to the counter realities and ruptured narratives of RIFT. Many of the events were free, and programme notes by curator Matthew Hearn were provided for each screening. Find out more about the programme below.

Don't Look Now (15)

Sunday 26 January, 15:10, Tyneside Cinema. Tickets: £1 - £8.80

This landmark film directed by Nicolas Roeg stars Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland as a married couple who travel to Venice following the recent accidental death of their daughter. There they meet a blind psychic and her eccentric sister, who promise to contact their daughter's spirit.

FREE EVENT: Labyrinth (U)

Thusday 6 February, 21:00, Tyneside Cinema (in the Tyneside Bar). FREE

Dance the magic dance and be amazed by David Bowie’s ridiculously tight pants in Jim Henson’s cult fantasy film. Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) is a teenage girl obsessed with fairytales, who is forced to embark on her own magical adventure when her baby brother Toby is kidnapped by the Goblin King (David Bowie at his campest!) Find out more about free films at Tyneside Cinema here.

FREE EVENT: A selection of films by Shana Moulton

Thursday 20 February, 21:00, Tyneside Cinema (in the Digital Lounge)  FREE

Combining an unsettling, wry humor with a low-tech, pop sensibility, Shana’s films explore the everyday domestic sphere with both mundane and surreal effect. Creating evocatively oblique narratives, Shana – through her alter ego “Cynthia” - interacts with and navigates the enigmatic, magical properties of home décor highlighting their at once banal and uncanny characteristics. Additional films by Shana feature in the exhibition RIFT at BALTIC 39 until Sunday 2 March.

FREE EVENT: Trash Recovery Performance/Workshop

RIFF/T Closing Event at Tyneside Cinema and basic.fm broadcast by Fabienne Hess and Aaron Guy
Saturday 1 March, 11:45-13:30, Tyneside Cinema (in the Digital Lounge) FREE

A workshop and discussion examining digital memory and codification with artists Fabienne Hess and Aaron Guy.

Fabienne discusses her work which engages with found and recycled digital images from private and public computers. Participants are invited to bring their USB flash drives, SD cards or any other small data storage on which a trash recovery application will be performed. With images found via this process, a short flickering image archive will be presented at the closing of RIFT at BALTIC 39 on Sunday. Aaron will present a new work in progress which explores ideas concerning the codification of images, drawing parallels in the relationship between social coding and digital coding. Outputs from both projects will be broadcast on basic.fm and profiled on twitter @ibymirror


Find out more about RIFF/T

RIFF/T was a two part exhibition at BALTIC 39 about painting, abstraction, representation and their respective expanded fields: RIFF (12 December 2013 - 19 January 2014) and RIFT (24 January - 2 March 2014). For more information about the exhibition, please click here.

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