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Sound Test 5.1

A short sound film by Mark Vernon showing at Tyneside Cinema
Before selected feature films from Friday 28 February 2014 

Mark Vernon is a sound artist and composer who has been working with visual effects artist Loday Gonpo to create Sound Test 5.1, a short sound film commissioned by Pixel Palace for Tyneside Cinema’s auditoria.

We invited Mark to use Tyneside Cinema’s 5.1 surround sound system to make this new work, which is a playful riff on the standard speaker tests that cinema projectionists use to check that the surround sound is operating correctly.

Mark has created a rich electronic soundtrack in the style of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, which is played across different speakers in the cinema auditorium before the start of selected feature films. The soundtrack is combined with Loday’s beautiful motion graphics that are designed to reflect on the screen how the sound moves through the space.

By drawing your attention to where the sound comes from in the auditorium and how it works, Sound Test 5.1 reveals a little of the magic that goes into your cinema experience.

Meet the artists behind Sound Test 5.1 and watch a special 3D screening of the film, followed by a live radiophonic performance by Mark Vernon

Find out more about sound artist Mark Vernon and visual effects artist Loday Gonpo

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