Image: Jean Dubuffet, 1954 -by Denise Colomb


Listen at 2pm Monday 21 may and 2pm Thursday 24 May

The current theme is lost and found. This show abstracts this theme a little and examine what it is to loose control when composing, performing or creating music and sound based work.

This show is 3 hours is a magpie’s nest full of shiny objects that will lift you out of your normal day and stare at you until you pay attention. It is not a comprehensive survey, it is an examination of a variety of approaches to this idea as they occured. No tracks have been edited for length and you may not want to file this show under easy listening. But it does take you through highlights including some rare tracks and recordings by Jean Dubuffet, The Red Crayola, Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros, Raymond Scott and Moondog.

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