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Mr. Chin’s Book of Parents

Monday 21 May, 11am

Wednesday 23 May, 2pm

Thursday 24 May, 10pm

Mr. Chin’s Book of Parents is a show for radio compiled, produced and presented by three aliens under the alias of ‘Mr.Chin’.

Originally recorded in 1992 on a shiny Sony  ‘my first’ cassette recorder, the tape subsequently befell a series of mishaps; first being dropped in a particularly muddy puddle, then tidied away amongst a back catalogue of John Peel sessions and finally stolen by a mischievous drain monster who went by the name of ‘Zog’. After 10 years the tape was recovered from the drain monster (along with three, slightly chewed, biro lids) and has been lovingly restored for its first ever radio broadcast on basic.fm.

Mr. Chin’s Book of Parents features, amongst other things, a critique of parents, an essential ‘how to’ guide to spotting guitar players and an interview with a guinea pig.

Since the first recording of Mr. Chin’s Book of Parentsthe three chins have all gone on to enjoy happy and prosperous lives on earth observing the strange and hilarious activities of human folk (though they all still dream occasionally of a career in radio).

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