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Curate basic.fm

We hope to continue to commission new and exciting work for basic.fm, and are always looking for curators. If you have a great idea for a show, or original ideas that you want to put across to a wider audience in a groundbreaking context, get in touch!

Imagine basic.fm as a digital, creative, space that you can visit, walk around, and engage with new ways of thinking and listening.

On the wall of the basic.fm gallery are creative aural projects, and those can include:

  • sound collage
  • found sound
  • spoken word (poetry, theatre etc)
  • discourse, dialogue and discussion
  • musique concrète
  • original, remixed or detourned musics (improvised, electronic, soundtracks and foundtracks)

We’re also interested in digital and creative engagement with:

  • science & technology
  • psychology & health
  • gender & sexuality
  • cinema & digital media
  • language & semiotics

If you have ideas for shows in any of these areas (or areas that we haven’t even considered), then we’d love to hear from you! Contact Craig@basic.fm

Welcome to the website for Pixel Palace, Tyneside Cinema’s digital art programme, which ran from 2008-2014. Here you can explore our archive of exciting art commissions and exhibitions, as well as the artists we worked with over that time. You can find out more about what is happening with the current Tyneside Cinema Arts Programme at www.tynesidecinema.co.uk/art.