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Gesture Piece

World Premiere: Watch now at www.gesturepiece.com

Pixel Palace is delighted to present the world premiere of Gesture Piece, a 15-minute film created by artist Vicki Bennett (also known as People Like Us) with a new score by seven sound artists.

Gesture Piece features scenes from hundreds of films containing gestures or instructions, from classic black and white cinema to recent releases, edited together to make a 15-minute film consisting of seven chapters, each with an individual soundtrack. The result is a fascinating and witty reinterpretation of familiar film footage, with scenes arranged in surprising and often very funny combinations.

"Commissioned by a cinema, but screened exclusively online, Gesture Piece resonates with the current trend for exploring and challenging how we access media, at a time when the film industry is rapidly moving away from 35mm projection in favour of digital distribution."

Mark Dobson, Chief - Executive of Tyneside Cinema

Gesture Piece is available to watch now exclusively online at www.gesturepiece.com.

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