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Mariner 9

Film: Mariner 9 documentary by Northern Stars Production

Kelly Richardson’s Mariner 9 is a spectacular 12 metre-long panoramic vision of Mars a century or two in the future, which was commissioned by Pixel Palace. Taking NASA’s own imagery and technical data of the Martian landscape, and using Terragen, a complex scenery generation software used by the film and gaming industries, Kelly has created an uber-realistic Red Planet. Find out more about Mariner 9 by following the links below.

Mariner 9 returns to the North East in 2014

Don't miss your chance to see Mariner 9 when it returns to the North East! If you missed the world premiere, or you want to immerse yourself all over again in Kelly's vision of Mars, you can see Mariner 9 at the Laing Gallery in Newcastle-upon-Tyne from Saturday 10 May - Sunday 7 September 2014. 

More than 10,000 people saw Mariner 9 at Whitley Bay's Spanish City Dome in August 2012, and since then it has been shown all over the world, including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in New York and Vienna's Natural History Museum. We're delighted that it's coming home and even more people will have the chance to see this incredible work. Cick here to go to the Laing Gallery website.