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About the Artists

Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer based in Glasgow. He was a founding member of art radio collective, 'Radio Tuesday' and has produced programmes and features for stations including WFMU, RADIA, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and the BBC. His radio productions range from documentaries and radio plays to more experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. As well as works for radio his practice encompasses performance, publications, soundtracks, installations and releases on vinyl and CD, under a variety of names including 'Vernon & Burns' and 'Hassle Hound'. He has also self-released several small editions of CDR's on his own meagre resource label.

Listen to 'Test Signal', Mark's 2011 commission for basic.fm, Pixel Palace’s online radio project:

Go to Mark’s website

Mark Vernon on soundcloud

Loday Gonpo

To make Sound Test 5.1, Mark worked closely with Loday Gonpo, a UK-based digital artist with a diverse background in post-production, digital media and audio visuals. After graduating from Bath College of Art in 1996, Loday quickly found his way into the post-production and visual effects industry. Bringing with him a passion for producing immersive audio-visual installations, his fresh and innovative approach to 3D animation led him to work for 4:2:2 Video Graphics, and later to become a director of a Bristol-based media company. During this time Loday worked on numerous high profile productions, producing work for clients such as the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Sky. More recently, as a freelance artist, Loday has worked closely with UK film directors including Richard Fenwick on a variety of projects, notably Artificial Worlds v.3.0, Albert’s Speech and User Guides (MTV).

Watch Artificial Worlds v3.0 by Richard Fenwick and Loday Gonpo

Go to Loday’s website

@LodayGonpo on twitter

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