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Step Sequence Get Carter

As part of the Get Carter Anniversary celebrations Pixel Palace invited artists to submit an audio piece that are inspired by the film.

Exhibition times:

05 – 31 March 2011

12:00 – 21:00

You can now hear work from the following artists in the main stairwell at the Tyneside Cinema:

Artist: Tom Lane

Title: Around Carter

This work takes as its inspiration the environment in which the film “Get Carter” takes place. I have removed the dialogue and used only the sound which exists around the action, the soundtrack which is added to the film in post-production. In this way, an audio image of the setting and era of the film is created, bringing to the forefront those sounds which are usually regarded as mere background.

Duration: 14' 23"



Artist: Harold Schellinx

Title: Hit the Road, Jack (Carter)

In 'Get Carter' the name of the protagonist is uttered precisely 44 times, 43 times by a man, but only once - the 34th time - by a woman. "Hit the Road, Jack (Carter)" is a collage of these 44 occurrences.

Duration: 1’04”



Artist: Rob Colling

Track: Carter

All the main characters’ fates are sealed before the film even starts. The region’s coal industry suffered a similar fate; it was doomed by the time Carter was made, not that everyone knew it. This piece represents these themes, with sounds from the two locations where coal and Carter meet. Drummer Alex Moore played the timbers of the coal staithes at North Blyth, where Carter chased Eric. The sea was recorded at Blackhall, at the exact spot Carter was killed, and the birdsong at the place where Carter’s killer took aim.

Duration: 6’34”



Artist: Riz Maslen

Title: Rabbit Skin & Glue A

One scene that is so vivid to me is the one at the end where Jack has tracked down one of the protagonists in a bleak setting, violence ensues and this is where much of my inspiration has come for the composition submitted, a stark, yet beautiful moving sound scape complimenting those grey slate images of this final dramatic scene.

Duration: 10’17”



Artist: Caroline Devine

Title : 9 down

Gulls circling above and waves crashing below are a starting point for a composition that uses field recordings informed by sounds from Get Carter to explore the physical space of the stairwell and the sonic character of the film.

Duration: 3’25



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