Day 4

Today went sort of abstract. The jet-set world travelling bat stencil made a re-appearance in conjunction with a metal lampshade, and the cake stand was brought out again for some controlled intentional camera movement. This proved especially worthwhile when combined with Zoe's wire flower when it was adorned with some flexible electroluminescent wire. The El-wire itself has a lot of potential for light painting in it's own right, and will warrant further experimentation in future sessions.

The Arduino LED array was put to good use again and the nifty software once more allowed some of our participants to determine the content. In particular, a butterfly motif and another of a jumping deer seemed to work well.

The battery powered re cold cathode tube was used to create a series of light-drawn lettering to be used in titles and logos, which ended up expanding to the complete alphabet. It was also used to create some heart motifs by one of our braver participants. I say she was brave, as these cathode tubes are very fragile, and waving them about in the dark can often result in a broken light painting tool. The fact that the inverter also produces some serious voltage makes them very unsuitable for use out doors in the rain. But they make such lovely clean lines. There are plans to try and create an arduino controlled triple cathode tool, with red, green and blue tubes, using the concept of pulse width modulation to effect what ought to be a colour cycling cathode tool.

The day was rounded off with some discussion of how light painting might be incorporated into dream sequences in a short film part of the group have been working on for a while. This developed into some highly experimental lensless video, using transparent materials in place of the camera lens. Cutting edge stuff, and great to see the enthusiasm with which these seemingly daft methods are taken up by the participants, who got into the swing of things to an admirable extent, not just today, but all week. Plans have been laid for future sessions to allow the concepts explored this week to be developed in other settings. Overall, the restrictions of the small space could have had a dampening effect on the creative output, but whilst it was the case that more space would have allowed more freedom to demonstrate and investigate different techniques, the constraints it put in place were able to be utilised to engender greater levels of experimentation. Which to is what the Factory is all about. 

Published: 23rd April 2012
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