Time is Out of Joint

Lauren Elliott records her experience of 'Time is Out of Joint' AV Festival event

After many months of preparation, 'The Time is Out of Joint' took place on March 24th at the Star and Shadow Cinema. I couldn't have been happier with the way the evening went - the crowd great, and many of them gave some really great feedback about the night. The night began with a 45 minute performance from Pye Corner Audio at 22:30. His performance was really hypnotic, including some amazing visuals and retro gadgets. Many people have said his performance to be a nice surprise, as he's not as well-known as the other artists on the bill.

The second act of the night came from James Leyland Kirby (aka. The Caretaker) at 23:30. He was certainly fun – he opened and closed his set with a rendition of 'Lady in Red', perhaps a bit of light relief for the audience to sandwich his harsh set, performing older V/Vm material amongst the Ballroom 78s of The Caretaker. His visuals encompassed personal holiday videos, to images of past performances to pictures of him rolling down 100 stairs. He hid under the table for most of the performance, barely visible to the audience to allow for his visuals to be the main focus.

The night finished with Forest Swords' performance, which took place as the turned an hour forward to unite this theme of Hauntology and Retrofuturism with slowness and time. His set was essentially split into two halves, the first being a specially commissioned, self-destructive piece based on the old Trinity Square Car Park and shopping centre, and the send half being a more conventional live set. The entire performance had incredible, stunning imagery – many of the images of the 'Get Carter' Car Park were given to Matthew from Gateshead Council, showing the building in its original state in the late 1960s. The piece was recorded onto acetate dubplate, so it could only be played a certain number of time until it was no longer playable.

All in all, I had a fantastic night! Everything went really smoothly and it was great to see these months of effort pay off with this event. The lovely feedback we got made it all worthwhile. I'd like to thank all of the artists who participated, AV Festival, the Star and Shadow Cinema and Lee TUSK for all of their help in this process – I couldn't have done it without them!

Lauren Elliott

Published: 30th April 2012
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