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New York Diary: Day Five

We spent the day in Chelsea where we visited Eyebeam, an arts and technology centre that supports new media and digital artists. At Eyebeam we met with Roddy Shrock, the Associate Director of Creative Residencies, to discuss how his work with artists in residence fits in with Eyebeam’s extensive after school programmes.

While at Eyebeam we also met with Liz Slagus, their former Director of Education to chat about the challenges of creating and sustaining programmes for young people. Liz talked about the exciting programmes of activity that have taken place at Eyebeam for young people such as their digital day camp during the summer period.  It was interesting to hear from Liz about how rewarding she found her work with young people. We also had the opportunity to visit a few of the galleries such as Postmasters in the area.

The interviews with Liz and Roddy will be available to watch online soon.

Published: 19th November 2011