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New York Trip: Day Two

We talk to Zoë Salditch of Rhizome and artist Jeff Crouse.

After breakfast at the Bluebird coffee shop, a great little place with an excellent soundtrack (The Stooges etc.) We walked to The New Museum - ‘a leading destination for new art and new ideas… Manhattan's only dedicated contemporary art museum.’ We had arranged to meet Zoë Salditch, the Program manager at Rhizome, which is based within the building.

Zoe gave us an in-depth explanation of the creation and evolution of Rhizome as a space and a website from its beginnings to the latest developments with their members’ programs such as ‘The Download’ – a way by which those who donate money to Rhizome can download and keep digital editions of new media artists’ work. She then explained her own role in Rhizome and answered some more questions about developing relationships with artists and her experiences of working with other institutions.

After a quick late lunch at a cool Cuban Café, Café Habana, we travelled to the Parsons building of The New School for Design where Jeff Crouse had invited us to attend one of his lectures in ‘Code for Art’, an introduction to C++ programming.

We were lucky enough to take part in a discussion, which also included presentations from students on their current projects. Jeff explained and showed how to use development tools from Twitter and other websites that provide live streams of their content. After the class we had a great interview with him, where we discussed the value of ideas, the way his process has changed over time and what new technologies he is excited about. 

Published: 16th November 2011