AV Festival 12

How to get your ideas into AV Festival 2012!

There's a chance to get your digital art exhibited as part of the AV Festival. Our young members will be on hand to inspire and help you prepare a presentation for a panel of judges on Monday 4th July with the successful projects being incorporated into the next AV Festival in March 2012!

How to get involved:  

The Theme for AV12 is 'slowness.' The Factory is working with AV Festival to give yung people who want to be involved a chance to pitch their ideas to a panel who will help successful applicants to make their idea(s) a reality, and part of next year's AV Fest!

'We would like all projects to be presented to an informal panel on Monday 4th July. Feedback from this session will be provided and a descision made about which project/s to take forward by 11th July.'

'For the informal presentation we expect a 10 minute presentation from each project, which tells us (the panel):

  • What the idea is
  • Why you're excited about the idea
  • Why you think it's important that it happens
  • Where you think the project might take place
  • Why you think the idea is relevant to the theme of AV2012
  • How it links in with the aims of The Factory'

'We would encourage you to present any visual images, video or online materials that help to communicate the idea. You may also submit a written summary of the proposal, however this is not essential.'

'We're looking for a great idea that is well communicated, responds to the theme of AV12 and delivers the aims of the Factory'

'We would encourage you to:

  • focus on the idea and be as imaginative as possible
  • Don't be weighed down by practicalities, focus on your ideal event, venue, artist, or artform. We're looking for aspiration, and if selected your event will be professionally managed by the AV festival team with mentored support for you
  • You can be as radical as you like with the format of the festival ie: you could develop an event about really fast speed to counteract the slowness of the rest of the Festival. You could suggest an event in a rural location or building not used by the festival before. If you think there is something exciting we've missed let us know, as it's your chance to contribute creatively.
  • It doesn't matter if you don't know all the details. If you can't name a specific artist you could describe the type of work or experience you'd like to see. If you can't think of a specific venue you could describe the type of enue, its size, scale and atmosphere etc. If your iddea is taken forward the festival will help you identify an artist or venue.'

See the AV Festival website for some inspiration, and see also the Blog post about the event that happened at the Sage for a few interesting examples. 

Contact Paul Dolan at paul.dolan@tynesidecinema.co.uk to discuss any ideas in progress - also let him know about any technical requirements you might need for the presentation.

Published: 16th June 2011