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AV Festival ECHO Digital: Performance Showcase

Two inspirational pieces of work, to give you ideas for your own AV proposal(s) - see other AV Festival post.

Above: Edwin van der Heide’s ‘LSP’ and 'Genre Collage' by People Like Us

AV Festival ECHO Digital: Performance Showcase Monday 20th June 9pm-10pm, Northern Rock Foundation Hall, Sage Gateshead.

Featuring the brilliant Vicki Bennett – also known as People Like Us, showing a series of ‘Genre Collages,’ compositing together many different pieces of film footage and music, creating surreal and humorous  audio-visual performance pieces.

The second performance was Edwin van der Heide’s ‘LSP’ or ‘Laser / Sound Performance’  where software is used to produce, visually, many different waveforms of sound – these waveforms are projected through a thin fog of dry-ice in the performance space, over and around and through the audience with concert-style lasers, creating almost solid-seeming  three dimensional  constantly shifting patterns in the air, together with the sounds that those projected shapes encode. Quite amazing.

These two very different pieces might give you some inspiration if you’re thinking of pitching an idea for the joint The Factory / AV Festival panel on July 4th (see other post)

Published: 22nd June 2011