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The Factory presents New York

On April the 20th we hosted 'The Factory Presents...' for the first time. Our focus was our research trip to New York in November 2011 and what we got from it. We presented a short film documenting our time in New York, which also showed The Factory sessions and interviews with the mentors and artists in residence.

The screening of the film was followed by a short presentation of the 60-page EBook we created, which compiled 8 transcripts of our interviews with artists, curators and educators that we met whilst in New York. The EBook also includes short introductions from the three Factory Mentors.

This was followed by a Q+A session with the Factory Mentors, chaired by Dr. Sarah Cook, curator, writer and co-founder of CRUMB at the University of Sunderland. The Q+A was a great opportunity to talk about our experiences an discuss the future of the Factory.

All in all, the evening went really well – lots of people attended so the room felt really full. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly and a lot of people stayed behind after the event to chat with us about The Factory.

Have a look below at the film, EBook and a slideshow of images from New York.  

Download the eBook HERE


Published: 11th May 2012