Dianka Adrianita

Previous Mentor

Dianika was a Factory Mentor for 2013 Season 1.

I am a Graphic Design student at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne. I am from South Jakarta, Indonesia. Since I was young I have been both passionate and curious about art and it drives my desire to keep learning and experiencing all art forms from traditional handy crafts to high-tech multimedia designs. But nothing can beat the love I have for dealing with something that is tactile. Dealing with real life projects is a thing that is already familiar to me. Since junior high, I started getting projects from clients such as her friends and family, which led to freelance work and the start-up of several businesses. I simply love being productive and organised.


Dianka Adrianita on Vimeo

Time Relativity by Dianka Adrianita

Published: 21st August 2013