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Season One Showcase



The Factory is part of Pixel Palace and it is a digital arts project for young people that runs in seasons across the year at Tyneside cinema. By working alongside a range of artists and collaborating with others in the group, it gives young people the skills and tools to experiment with and produce their own creative work. Each season, The Factory works with a range of emerging and established artists to bring in exciting new skills and knowledge to help develop the participants work.

This season of the Factory was inspired by the work of Vicki Bennett, an artist who specializes in animating and reconstructing collages from found material, giving a witty and dark view of popular culture with a surrealist edge. Pixel Palace has commissioned Vicki to create new work, (Gesture Piece – a film for live improvisers) and while developing this piece, Vicki visited the Factory to discuss her work and support the participants with the development of their creative projects.

In line with Vicki’s practice, the general theme for this season was ‘montage’. The participants were encouraged to explore the creative possibilities of the medium and experiment with different processes and techniques so as to expand their digital skills and visual vocabulary and find suitable means of expressing their ideas. The emphasis was on the process of creating rather than the actual production of a piece. So what you see here is experimental pieces that show the participants development of work and ideas.

Our participating artists also helped the development of our creative projects – we were delighted to have animators Mark Jobe and Chloe Rodham as well as curator Nora Murcu on board this season. 

The young artists featured in this showcase were great to work with - the sessions buzzed from enthusiasm and creativity. We hope to see more of their imaginative work in the future! 




  Factory is a Pixel Palace Project