Adam Reed



My piece ‘Inspiration’ uses a combination of live footage, animation, text and voice-over and was inspired by the work of our artist in residence Vikki Bennett. It explores the concept of ‘authenticity’ and the notion that nothing that is ever thought of or created is an original idea. 

Vicki as an appropriation artist, comments on aspects of popular culture and reworks / recontextualises whatever she borrows in very interesting, witty way. I found her practice and ideas fascinating so I decided to explore the idea that nothing is new.  I particularly wanted to comment on the indulgent mass entertainment and film industry which constantly recycles whatever becomes the newest pop culture craze, especially films targeted toward the youth market. So in line with my theme, I also ‘recycled’ old footage from films I made previously.

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Adam is nearly 16 years old and his ambition is to work in the film industry. In his spare time he writes, plays synthesizers, reads, watches movies and makes movies. Adam is interested in surrealism and films that blur the boundaries between the real and the imaginary. He is fascinated by artists who have a surreal edge to their work and represent normal or everyday occurrences in an abstract or eerie manner - Adam thinks that by doing so, they redefine our sense of the world around us. 

His biggest influence is Sam Rami’s ‘The Evil Dead’ trilogy, particularly the first one as it showcases creative shots of things like wooden banisters, lamps, book cases and faces that have been distorted and warped. These dark, abstract visuals combined with the brilliant sound design create something unique and scary. However apart from the amazing visual storytelling, this film taught him the ability to make something great on a zero budget production. 

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