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Alessandro Carlucci

‘Communist Disturbia’


Coming form Venezuela and having been through a difficult time in a country overshadowed by tremendous political, economic and social instability, made me want to express these personal experiences in a creative way.

Our now deceased president Hugo Chavez, was and still is a highly controversial figure. I wanted to make a socially engaged, satirical piece that portrayed Chavez as someone who made his country and its people suffer under his rule; show the control he exerted and the devastation it brought.

Having no previous digital skills, I wanted to explore the creative possibilities of photography and animation. With the animation, I used a combination of found footage and factual video clips of Chavez and combined them with drawings and paper cut-outs. I also projected footage of Chavez on different surfaces and re-filmed it. Experimenting with video projections opened a whole new world creatively, so I decided to walk through the city at night and project images of Chavez on various surfaces/buildings and re-photograph them. I found the process very exciting.  

I am also interested in graphic design so I experimented with photomontages – I used Venezuelan tourism adverts and turned them into propaganda posters by replacing the bright, positive images and altering the text. I was influenced by Russian revolution poster design and Constructivism art – particularly  the work of Rodchenko and his dynamic posters which used geometrical shapes, bold lettering, jagged angles, high contrasts and dramatic colors.

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Alessandro was born and raised n Venezuela. He came to UK to complete a Foundation Course in Architecture at Newcastle University. He is very creative and came to the Factory because he wanted to learn new things and develop his digital skills. He found The Factory an exciting place that has allowed him to experiment, have fun and meet interesting people. He has returned to Venezuela but hopes to come back to Newcastle soon.