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Amy Grounsell & Alice Averley

‘Rewind, Replay’


Our project is all about the strange relationship people have with time. We wanted to portray the notion that time seems to go by faster the older we get. When we're young - we want to grow up fast but the irony is that when we have, we wish to go back to the good old days of childhood and carelessness. Life goes by so fast !

After watching a film by Pablo Larrain called  ‘No’ showing life under General Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and seeing his innovative use of archival footage and how it masterfully weaves this footage into fiction, it inspired us to use our own home video footage for this project.

The project evolved from initially raising questions such as ‘Feeling small in the world, when we die, what mark do we leave? ‘ and wanting to express a fear of failure and pressure to do everything well, to making a comment about wishing to go back to a time when everything was simpler.

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Amy Grounsell 

Amy is a very creative person and has always enjoyed coming up with new ideas and projects. Both performance and artwork has been a central part of her life, having started ballet classes aged 4 - she is now on Grade 8 and is the chairperson for her School Dance Company. Art has been her favourite subject throughout school and she hopes to develop this passion through a creative degree and ultimately a career in the industry. Currently she is looking into studying Architecture. The Factory has been an amazing opportunity that has helped her develop both her creative and technical skills. She has particularly enjoyed video editing - something that she has always hoped to do! Amy is happiest when painting and has recently entered her artwork into the Saatchi Young Artist Competition. She has also been involved in the School Production of ‘We Will Rock you’ working with her partner on this project, Alice. Amy is very enthusiastic and she has recently been given the opportunity to be a ‘Head Girl’ at her school.


Alice Averley

Alice’s favourite thing is performing and producing creative work. From an early age she enjoyed musical theatre and has recently been involved in projects with the Youth Music Theater UK as well as amateur dramatics and school productions such as the ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘We Will Rock You’. She enjoys anything that allows her to be expressive and creative, such as playing the piano and singing in a choir or as a soloist. After completing her college studies, she hopes to study for a year year in Barcelona, at Metafora School of Art, and then start a Spanish and History degree at University. Being part of the Factory, has helped her learn a lot about creating art with a computer rather than with paint and brushes, something which has really taken her out of her comfort zone. She found the process very rewarding as it has allowed her to develop her digital  skills and with these, an ability to share her feelings, thoughts and ideas through a new medium.