Dianka Adrianita

The Birth of Ghatotkacha’


For this season, I wanted to experiment with video projection and shadow puppets. I decided to make a piece based on a traditional character derived from the Indonesian tradition called ‘Ghatotkacha’. In Indonesia, a Ghatotkacha figure is very popular and much celebrated in our culture - the character is half human, half giant and has super powers – essentially a super hero.

Ghatotkacha is the son of Bhīma and Hidimbi in the Mahabharata Sanskrit epic. He lived an ordinary life until one day his parents were ordered by the Gods and Goddesses to sacrifice him by throwing him in the Candradimuka Volcano. Instead of dying, Gatotkaca was reborn into a giant with magical superpowers.

This short experiment depicts the actual scene of the birth of Gatotkaca and uses a combination of paper cut-outs, video projection and motion graphics.

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Dianka is a Graphic Design student from South Jakarta, Indonesia, currently in her third year at Northumbria University. Dianka has been passionately curious since she was a little girl, especially about art. Her enthusiasm about all aspects of art – from traditional, handy crafts to multimedia designs – drives her to be creative and forever want to learn new things. But nothing can beat the love she has for dealing with something that is tactile. Dealing with real life projects is a thing that is already familiar to Dianka.

Since junior high, she started getting projects from clients such as her family and friends,which led to freelance work and the start-up of several businesses. She simply loves being creative, productive and organised.