Felix Thomas

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For this project, I experimented with a series of photo-montaged illustrations. The work is focused on the theme of individualism versus the pressure to conform and losing your identity. It explored ideas such as rejection, fear, rebellion, losing touch with oneself and the inability to be who you truly are. The cubed people, the stereotypical faceless businessman, the rebellious teenager and the puppet figure controlled by an ominous, omnipresent puppet master are all an expression of these ideas.

I also experimented with video projections – I started off by projecting my face on different surfaces and re-photographing it and then moved on to projecting some of my illustrations. I really enjoyed doing this as the images created an eerie sense of self-reflection and distorted imagery which I really like.

Felix test projection -4 Felix test projection -3 Felix test projection -1 Felix test projection -5 Felix test projection -2 IMG_0088 IMG_0082 IMG_1297 IMG_1302 IMG_1298 IMG_1449low IMG_1446 IMG_1442 IMG_1434 IMG_1624 Felix test projection -6 Felix test projection -7 IMG_1419 IMG_1415 IMG_1409 IMG_1431 IMG_1433 IMG_0078 IMG_0071 IMG_0016 IMG_1449low IMG_1446 IMG_1442 IMG_1624 IMG_1434 IMG_1795 IMG_8333 IMG_9999 IMG_8445 felix-page001

Felix is a year 8 student interested in drawing, illustration, photo manipulation and animation. He mainly experiments with Photoshop and After Effects. For this project, he has produced a series of illustrations depicting distorted faces and faceless people inspired by the work of surrealist artists like René Magritte.

Felix is fascinated by technology and the way internet works – he strangely enjoys making random queries on image search engines. At school he studies maths, physics, design technology, and languages. He is interested in the creative industries and in his spare time he uses computers to produce drawings, digital manipulations and experiment with videos and sound.

He has enjoyed his time at The Factory and it has allowed him to learn interesting new skills.