Fergus Nicolson

'Decay and Reconstruction'


My work generally revolves around using a combination of drawings and found images to create surreal collages/illustrations. My project for this season focuses on the contrast between decay and reconstruction. It started off as a random doodle in Photoshop but then I drew the subject matter and it kind of developed from there. I ended up creating a triptych (a set of three illustrations) on this theme and then experimented with animation by making models based on the visuals from the illustrations.

This series of illustrations explores the relationship between ourselves and the urban environment, the city’s evolution and decay, the contrast between the urban and the rural, the de-humanized modernist buildings and industrial structures - ultimately the alienated modern man searching for an identity and a sense of place.

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Fergus is a year 10 student currently doing his GSCEs. In his free time he likes to read Manga comics and draw which is the main reason he joined the Factory - he really wanted to expand his creativity and develop his skills. He participated in the ‘Liminal Spaces’ exhibition during which he experimented with different digital techniques and transformed his illustrations into light painted images. He also produced a series of illustrations depicting robots, machines and fantasy worlds inspired by the work of surrealist artists such as Ashley Woods and HR Giger.

Fergus has been part of The Factory for over a year and he has really enjoyed the experience. His ambition is to become a professional illustrator and create conceptual art for advertising and graphic design companies.