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Lucy Jeffries & Andrew Bell

I admire the work of German animator Lottie Reiniger - her beautiful silhouette animation is a great example of intricate, delicate detail and technique. Her work has really inspired me to use cut-outs and silhouettes in my project.

When I begun working on this project, my aim was to create a mixed media animation which would visually explore the concept of ‘Fear’.  An eerie, moody piece that would combine animation, found footage and sound. I wanted to show that over the course of the film, ‘fear’ is conquered albeit with a slight comedy twist. For this, I was inspired by our artist in residence Vicki Bennett and her innovative visual collages that show a humorous, dark and often surreal view on life.

Even though I’ve made a few animations in the past, I didn’t have any experience in using Adobe After effects so Andy (Factory mentor) got on board and we decided to collaborate. Together with Andy, we made several short animated sequences with cut-out silhouettes mimicking stereotypical horror characters and animated them to show their slow, creepy movements. We also used clips from the classic zombie film ‘Night of the Living dead’ and added lots of special effects.

The resulting video was not what we initially aimed for but it was a great learning process and had a lot of fun experimenting with different creative techniques.

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Lucy Jeffries

Lucy is interested in animation and hopes to pursue it as a career in the future. Her goal is to do a one year foundation course at Newcastle College and study animation at University.  She really enjoys being creative and having fun with different projects and she feels animation is a great way to do this. It is an extremely rewarding process though she has also discovered that it can be very time consuming and frustrating! One of her animations was nominated for the Royal television Society Junior North East Awards in 2011.

Lucy lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and is currently studying at Heaton Manor school where is a year 13 student.

Andrew Bell

Andy was born in 1991 and has lived most of his life in Durham. He is studying at Newcastle College where he is about to start his final year on Creative Practice, focusing on Animation and Illustration. As well as being one of the Mentors here at The Factory, he is also doing Animation work for ThreeMotion, a digital media company based in Newcastle. He is always trying to develop his artistic style and technique - his ambition is to become a freelance Illustrator / Animator. He is interested in music, plays the guitar and bass and enjoys seeing his favourite bands perform live. His biggest downfall is spending too much of his spare time on video games, as fun as they might be !