Mani Kambo

'Knight To M2'


Who am I? A person made up of flesh and bones with the DNA of my parents and their parent's parents and so on. I’m a mixture of all the family members who have existed generations before me. Within this film, I aimed to look into the 'self'  - who I am, what is it that makes me, my upbringing, the people I spend time with,  the books, music, films I have absorbed into me, that have made me who I am. 

‘Moonsnake’ is technically an alter ego. I respond to the name, its me - a nick name playfully put upon me which I have chosen to accept. It’s a bit like an escape having a different name as you can be a different person and you can act differently, like you would if you put on a mask/costume, like 'playing a game’ and in some ways that’s what I’m like. Playing a game - changing between people, changing between different versions of myself and fitting into various scenarios.  These different sides of myself  are all one person but one shines out more than the other in certain circumstances.

Our human needs are very much about being accepted and being part of a ‘group’,  like an animal being initiated into its pack.

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Mani is a Fine artist going into her final year of a BA Honours degree in Fine Art. She is interested in film and sculpture, character creation and role playing. She takes inspiration from surreal artists such as Kenneth Anger and Jean Cocteau. 

Her interest in art has a playful element to it, she interacts with different mediums with a child-like manner. She is interested in how people live, their exterior physical traits versus their interior thoughts. Particularly how everything they come in contact with - whether it is a living or static entity - leaves an imprint and how this shapes them as people. 

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